The Hypnotic Gastric Band and

Weight Loss Programmes: The Wholistic Approach

As obesity rates soar all around the world the demand for Gastric Band surgery has never been higher.

Having the hypnotic gastric band is a safe and creative way to help overweight people shed the pounds without undergoing any of the dangerous and surgical procedures.

Just as having a surgically traditional band fitted is not a quick fix or a miracle cure, neither is the Hypnotic Gastric Band. With both procedures a number of changes are required. The program guides you to easily address all of the things that made losing weight so difficult in the past; leaving you to enjoy a healthy life in a new way, feeling and looking good with the added advantage of having  no side effects.

The benefits of having a hypnotic Gastric Band fitted are:

  • No surgery risk....then uncomfortable recovery period

  • No Nausea and vomiting

  • No Recovery time...only positive results.

  • No reflux or regurgitation of food

  • No Slipped band

  • No constipation

  • No Diarrhoea

  • No Obstruction or blockages

  • Additionally there is a high cost involved in the surgery and there is not a guarantee that it will work effectively.

  • Lifestyle changes must be still made to reap the full benefits of the surgery, its not a miracle cure.

Break the illusion of being fat and happy.

It is a false prophecy
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The Hypnotic Gastric Band is designed to create a different relationship with food or even alcohol, so that they enjoy and eat much smaller meals and generally a much healthier diet easily- without surgery


Wholistic Weight Loss Programme

for Life

3 different programmes for women and for men:


One on one sessions 

For individual weight related issues



Accelerated 6 week Programme

Weekly Sessions


manual & workbook 

2 cds




Quick 30 Weight Loss Programme

30day programme with CD



Virtual gastric Banding 

Includes follow up sessions and mentoring and CD



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What you can expect from Rosalie Cronin:

My commitment to your success

You can expect to have ongoing support.

Between session coaching

Helpful advice with food preparation and help with planning of family meals around your own programme.