Dealing with Stress and Anxiety:

The Wholistic Approach

We are surrounded with stresses everyday in work and in life.

However, we can lessen or alleviate it with self care and by enlisting the help of a professional to show you ways to make your life easier and in return you will experience increased productivity with a new sense of calm, that makes for a life living in joy and ease.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Living a stressful life continually can shut you down. Don't allow bills, pressures of the job, family expectations, to consume your focus and energy for joy of life.

Our spiritual, social, emotional, physical body, health and wellbeing all need to be monitored for a continual happy healthy life.

In the face of what may appear to be a crippling circumstance

You can choose to live every part of your life and decide to be happy, actively engaged and living life to the fullest from the inside out.

Learn to create centred and grounding moments in your life as part of your spiritual life.

Use what works for you, exercise, meditation, meaningful connections with others, volunteer your time to make differences in the lives of others can all help to help us realise our worth and help us to know that we are more powerful than we are currently living.


Take charge of that power within, live above that stress in your life, get help when you need it and recognise the greatness with in you.

Uncontrolled stress can cause weight gain, change your personality, create problems in your relationships, it can even turn your hair grey overnight!!

It is well known that 98%of all illness and sickness is caused by long term underlining stress.This includes cancer,auto-immune disease and other major debilitating illnesses. Stress makes it difficult to get out of bed and make a good start to the day.

Take time to really become aware of the major stressors in your life and the way you are currently dealing with them.

Recognise the price you are paying for not taking deliberate action.

All areas of our lives can be affected you will notice if you have significant time off work even for mild health disorders,often the contributing factor is stress.


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