The Wholistic Approach: Modalities

The Wholistic Approach uses a range of modalities to ensure that you get the most out of your commitment to change. Using Counselling, Access Consciousness, EFT, Hypnosis and a range of other modalities in a way that works for you, helping you realise your potential. Wholistic Services is designed to help you make the changes yourself in a natural easy way. Below is some information about each of the modalities, in initial sessions, together we explore the best treatment plan for you.

Wholistic Services is designed to help you make
the changes yourself in a natural easy way

Access consciousness is a simple set of tools,that assist and facilitate awareness,in all areas of your life....These tools enable you to undo the limitations that you have set up in your life,allowing you to access more of who you truly be!

These are 32 points on your head,that when lightly touched,begin to clear out all of the limitationsyou have about life,yourself,and your body.These areas include awareness,control, money,joy,sadness, healing,body,sexuality,creativity plus many more...Having your bars run,assists in releasing the electrical charge that holds all considerations,thoughts, ideas,beliefs,decisions,emotions,and attitudes that have created every point of view that you have about others,yourself and your life....opening a space of potential for something different to be in your life and in turn creating greater awareness ,clarity,joy,ease in your mind and body, for expansion and possibilities.


Hypnosis is a education and a communication process and all hypnosis is self hypnosis whereby the clients sub-conscious mind is communicated to by a qualified clinical hypnotherapist in a deep relaxation state so that you can easily make the changes you require. Hypnosis is used in many hospitals and clinics throughout the world.,it is a scientific art and is a respectful form of treatment that health professionals use for effective, safe  evidence based results.Individual Physical mental ,Emotional & health problems can be addressed and any diagnosed medical conditions that are medically treated can be enhanced with the additional use of a hypnotherapy session.  Sleep disorders and pain management respond well with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is used as a quick, effective way for Rapid weight loss and the popular therapy for Stopping Smoking is not to be overlooked. Also fears, phobias addictions are all problems that can be helped with hypnotherapy with good results.

Performance enhancement in the areas of public speaking.sporting activities, business and sexual performance  benefit with the use of hypnotherapy.

Counselling services are tailored specifically around each clients specific needs.Each session is around 60 minutes.



EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a  Energy Therapy and one of the many therapies  of  Energy Psychology.

EFT is likened to the Chinese acupuncture technique but without the needles.The Chinese knew about the flow of energy also known as CHI  energy in our bodies over 1000s ago . They mapped out the energy network of channels.We now call this the meridian system and we know that the energy flows through it and it is our life force.Each meridian flows through and is named with each corresponding organ. We have the stomach meridian, the liver meridian and kidney meridians and every other organ represented connected to our life force.

EFT uses a gentle tapping action on all of these tapping points and the we can experience prompt relief as we disrupt the energy system of our blockages.




A Note from Rosalie Cronin, Wholistic Services:

"I personally love EFT because it is so easy to learn and helps us take 100% 

responsibility for our own health issues  and life issues. It provides some quick relief and gives us the opportunity to be helping ourselves whilst working alongside a practitioner for long standing issues. 

One of the things that I find interesting is that we dont’ have  to believe in it for it to work,and what gives me the greatest pleasure is to see the profound effects on people who think its too weird or too silly to work!!

I have seen a lifetime difficulty dissolve in minutes and the added benefit of the problem never to return again"