I had experienced terrible anxiety from the time i was fifteen. Growing up through high school was so tough because as I grew older and everyone around me was going out, partying and being social and i was stuck with anxiety and stress that resulted in me isolating myself rather than going out with my friends. I was scared i’d have a panic attack. My whole family was burdened with worry.

My anxiety worsened and I sought the help of a psychologist and some medication which retrospectively was not what i’d do again if i had the chance.

When I had my first consultation with Rosalie I knew exactly what I wanted - control! I wanted to be in control of my stress levels and my anxiety and develop a mindfulness that’d help me realize my challenges but stop them from interfering with my work life, my social life and my relationship. After the very first session with Rosalie I felt an unequivocal calmness and I left with a tool belt of strategies, techniques and confidence that Rosalie had given me to start the development of my new, panic-free self.

By the end of our fourth session I noticed a remarkable change in my ability to perceive my anxieties and take control of them which eventually lead me to experience no anxiety at all... I felt so freeing that a huge part of my life that affected me for the better part of four years could be so easily changed and the part of my mind that was stuck thinking I’d have panic attacks for the rest of my life was suddenly, and so easily conquered.”